How To Apply Window Graphics

In short, window graphics are but plastic or vinyl films applied to windows that are meant to cut out the sunlight or to send out a message to the viewer. They are otherwise known as cling films as well as they tend to cling on to the glass material that is being used as the windows. Here it is being made out how to apply a cling film to a window so as to make a graphical shade to the windows.

Cleaning the Glass

It is essential that the glass to which the window decals are being applied to is free from any kind of dirt. More importantly, the space must be free of oil or grease like material. So the first step is to use a soap solution to clean up the window. This would remove any greasy material as well as any oil on the glass.  Sometimes it is necessary to apply certain solvents to remove the more stubborn of grime and dirt. Most solvents in such cases do evaporate to the air.

Moistening Out the Glass

Just before the film is fixed onto the store window display, the surface is moistened with a soap solution. This allows the gum on the cling film to not stick to any surface as such or any impurity that might have been in the space too.  The water is applied to the whole surface of the glass and the excess removed with a wiper. There is little harm in having some excess water but it would lead to a longer drying time otherwise. 

Fixing the Window Graphics

Once the water is splashed onto the shop window display, the next step is to remove the backing on the cling film.  Usually this is in the form of a sticker and can be removed easily by peeling off the backing.  The film is then placed over the glass starting at a corner of the window pane.  As the film is laid over the glass in a flowing motion, the water beneath is flattened out and removed to the sides. 

The advisable part would be to leave some water beneath the film as it can then be moved around in the space to find the best fit to the film.  Once the final spot or setting is arrived at, then it is necessary to squeeze out the water from beneath by using a scraper to do so.  The little bit of water that is left over would dry up naturally as time progresses.


There is no dearth of designs to use in the case of window cling films.  But it must be done with the necessary care else ugly wrinkles could mar the surface of the window. This type of an application of the vinyl veneers is but one of the simplest ones possible and has found a great application in a number of uses. At, it is possible to have custom made glass films done at a reasonable rate and in quick time too. 

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