Women’s Clothing Desires More Pockets – Is it Necessary?

Now, a lot of the clothes in the women’s departments at specific shops lack the necessary means to carry things.

I’m referring to the alarming absence of pockets in women’s clothing.

Yes, there are loads of selections to choose from when purchasing new clothing, but the fact remains that most of our fantasy garments still lack that one necessity.

Reader, I ask you to entertain my deliberation for only a moment. Picture this: You are in a store. Your favorite clothing shop. You are searching for something particularly, though you can not really put your finger on what the thing is.

Suddenly, lit at the opposite end of the store with the spotlights of heaven, angelic choirs humming in the background that you see it. The ideal garment; it is everything you’d ever dreamed it could be… at least in where you are able to see.

You race over to the piece of clothing, your hair flowing out behind you in Beautiful locks like there has been a breeze, even slow-motioned by the inexplicable nature of your unbridled pleasure.

You pull down the garment from the rack or shelf and lovingly shake the fabric in your arms. And since you inspect the potential new addition to your attire, you realize one thing, with an increasing but inevitable sense of dread. The otherwise perfect bit of clothing lacks that one requirement; which one crucial part of all clothing.

The fabric tumbles out of your arms as you drop to the floor, inconsolable, as all your hopes and dreams come crashing down on you.

You despair on your own isolation. Where will your phone proceed, your handbag, your many plastic little cards? The ticket in the very first movie you ever went to observe that without pockets would have been abandoned under your chair for your cleaner to later find and throw away, thereby losing the sentimentality of the experience forever-. Well, it may not be that spectacular, but I believe you understand my point by now.

The purpose is that this subtle ploy to encourage girls to buy handbags as well as the several other accessories required to function as an adult has frustrated many of us over the span of its own existence, and is something we must not have to be frustrated by.
Why should we have to reach for the potential positions of pockets only to realize once more that we are reaching for something we have been deemed not worthy of?

Why if we have to stay our hands under our skin and risk looking slightly ridiculous rather than heating them into our pockets that are tough?

Although just a small issue in retail, it also poses possibly enormous problems for the customers of these products and puts these individuals in an uncomfortable situation in the best of times.

So, since we’re worth the thought of these small but useful essentials, say no to buying clothes without pockets and make use of those ones which you have, because they are a dying breed.

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