Common Types Of Trampolines

Trampolines come in varied shapes. Each shape has a unique characteristic that makes it ideal for various situations. Besides, different shapes make the jumping experience unique. This article looks at the major classifications of trampolines based on their shape. Read on to learn about the various shapes of trampolines.

Different types of trampolines based on their shape

Round trampolines


Round trampolines are what you are likely to find in the market. They are more common than other shapes. They have been on the market for quite some time. This type of trampoline is ideal for all users. Round trampolines have springs placed equally across the frame. This feature gives one a consistent bounce. More to this, it redirects one towards the middle of the trampoline. The major advantage of this type of trampoline is that it absorbs and redistributes the force applied anytime one jumps up and down.

Oval trampolines

As the name suggests, these trampolines have an oval shape. It has a larger bouncing surface area when compared to round trampolines. More to this, you are likely to enjoy a long jumping surface on either side of the trampoline. Like the round trampoline, this shape also redirects one to the center of the trampoline after a bounce. One of the major precautions to take when buying this type of trampoline is that you have to be keen when assembling the main frame or ask an expert to do the same so that you can enjoy the bouncing experience.

Square trampolines

This type of trampoline has a large surface area compared to the oval and round types. In addition to this, individuals can enjoy a bounce from any corner of the trampoline. One essential characteristic of this kind of trampoline is that the frame is made of high gauge steel. This feature caters for a lot of weight and best of it all it ensures stability. This type of trampoline is easy to place. Furthermore, there is no space wasted when assembling it.

Rectangular trampolines

aaSsdaSADYou are likely to find this type of trampolines in a gymnastic arena. The springs of this kind of trampoline work independent of each other, thus this controls the bounces regardless of the point from which one takes off. The key feature of this trampoline is that it is designed using thick gauge steel. This feature makes it perfect for adults and persons with considerable weight. Look at Best Rectangle Trampoline | Reviews of the Top Rectangular Trampolines anytime you think about shopping for a trampoline.

When making a purchase, you can consider any of these shapes. However, it is of essence you work with an expert or read many reviews so that you can make an informed choice.