Reasons For Buying Paintings From Artist


When decorating the walls at home, you should get your paintings from the artist directly instead of buying from stores. There are various reasons why you need to get you these paintings from the artist.

Why you need to buy paintings from artist directly


You get unique and original paintings

Buying an original painting from an artist will help you get an original piece of art since it is the only one of that kind. You can use this artwork in designing your home décor with special touch without having to fear that someone has the same painting. Stores usually reproduce original paintings then sell them.

Painting are made carefully

Painting done by real artists take them long working hours on texture, composition, color, and blending. The result is an artwork that has beautiful colors, small endless details and great depth meaning you will discover new details and texture continuously. Fake artist, however, will work for five to ten hours and release their painting to the public. Such painting lack depth and detail hence originality is compromised.

Quality products

Artist is usually proud of using materials, tools, and paints of high quality. There are three types of qualities as far as artistic painting is concerned. These are the student, school and artist qualities. They are classified according to the pigment used and the proportion of pigments about bindings and filler. The best quality paint has expensive pigments with little filler or none at all.

High selling price

If you intend to sell a painting that you bought directly from an artist, the price tag will be high compared to the copy paintings bought in shops. You get the same amount you used to buy the painting whereas the price of reproduced painting falls drastically.

Better service

paintingletasdfcvgbfdfghWhen you deal directly with professional artists, they answer all the questions you may have from design to material and maintenance. It is also possible to let the artist create something unique with your designs and colors. Besides most of the artist offer transportation when you buy paintings from them. When buying from a gallery shops, the price of a painting goes up to fifty percent of the price when you buy it directly from an artist. This is because when you buy from the artist directly, no commission is charged and thus you can save money. Some policies cover loss, damage and theft.

Painting is fun and having painting can make you feel good and get refresh by looking at them. Ensure you know an artist so that you buy directly from them and not the gallery shops.