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The influence of movies on education

Movies are rapidly being produced in vast numbers in recent times, why? It’s because people have started seeing their importance and are watching them day and night. Movies are designed for different genres. There are comedy, action, thriller, science fiction movies among many other types. You probably would sit and wonder why the much craze on people having this desire to watch movies. Movies come with sometimes unintended impact. There are those designed to educate, those designed to guide, direct and foretell of the future, those to make your time more comfortable at home and make you laugh, and there are also those that are designed to mislead, although their production is controlled, discouraged and campaigned against.

Since movies have attracted much interest from the public, many sites have been created to serve as online portals002 and servers where people can download. Shaanig is one very popular site that attracts a lot of traffic from people who need to watch and download movies of all types. It’s very responsive and cool design is what makes people want to interact with it more. Being a general movie site, it also surely comprises movies that educate. Their influence include:


Enhancement of comprehension

Comprehension is the rate of understanding as one is being taught. Kids who usually view educational films are always clever in class and are quick to perceive and think over somewhat challenging mental barriers as they had maybe seen in a movie. Movie fanatics also read statements a bit faster and understand things a bit faster compared to those that don’t watch movies. Nowadays, many contemporary books have films produced for them although to watch the movie is much easier than reading the book.


Extending critical thinking capabilities and expound the memory

003These capabilities are quite essential in class for students and pupils. They help a lot in the enhancement of memory retention that help students in their exams. The expounding of memory comes when the students recall some of the weighty vocabularies they heard in those movies.They also help in the skill of critical thinking by making the student engage comfortably in discussions and provide well-thought-out points that might of help to many.

They also encourage readers who are not motivated

Students have their personal interests, and there are those who don’t prefer reading at all. Movies are an excellent encouraging tool that prompts non-readers to find the urge to read. This works towards the general positivity of the student to what is necessitated of him/her in the class.…